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Banning Inducements for Securing Enrollments of Service Members

PURPOSE: As a condition of participating in the Tuition Assistance Program (TA) that is available to eligible U.S. service members who attend Passaic County Community College (PCCC), the College is required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Defense, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, which requires the adoption of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that bans inducements for securing the enrollment of service members in the college. Pursuant to that memorandum, PCCC has adopted the following:

Passaic County Community College bans inducements (including any gratuity, favor, discount, entertainment, hospitality, loan, transportation, lodging, meals, or other item having a monetary value) to any individual or entity including third-party lead generators or marketing firms (other than salaries paid to employees or fees paid to contractors in conformity with all applicable laws) for the purpose of securing enrollments of service members or obtaining access to tuition assistance funds (TA funds). Educational institution-sponsored scholarships or grants and tuition reductions available to military students are permissible.
This includes:

  • Refraining from providing any commission, bonus, or other incentive payment based directly or indirectly on securing enrollments or federal financial aid (including TA funds) to any persons or entities engaged in any student recruiting, admission activities, or making decisions regarding the award of student financial assistance.
  • Refraining from high-pressure recruitment tactics such as making multiple unsolicited contacts (3 or more) including contacts by phone, email, or in-person, and engaging in same-day recruitment and registration for the purpose of securing Service member enrollments.