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College vs. High School


As a high school student with a disability planning for college, have you asked yourself this question? Below are some listed differences that you should consider:


High School – Very Structured

  • 30 hours per week in class with 0-10 hours per week of study outside of class
  • 10-35 students in a class
  • Frequent reminders from teachers regarding deadlines
  • Many Tests

College – Less Structured

  • 10-15 hours per week in class with 20-30 hours per week of preparation/study outside of class
  • 25-70* students in a class
  • Course Syllabus and Outline list deadlines – few
    reminders from instructors
  • Possibly one or two tests per semester covering
    more material

Student Responsibilities:

High School – Parents are actively involved in child’s education.

  • Decision-making is shared with parent.
  • Time studying is often controlled by parents and teachers.
  • Parents are involved in advocating for student.
  • Yearly IEP conference determines services.

College – Students take charge of his/her own education.

  • Decision-making is shifted to student.
  • Student’s own time management skills are
    crucial to success.
  • Student will need to self-advocate.
  • Student must self-identify, ask for disability
    services, and follow procedures.

*Class size at PCCC. Lecture classes at other colleges/universities may be much larger.

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