Personal Care Attendants

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990)/Amendments Act (2008), personal care attendants may be used to address the personal needs of a student with a documented disability so that he/she can participate in the college’s activities, services, and programs. Personal needs may include transportation to/from the classroom, administering medication, assistance with toileting, dressing, and feeding needs, monitoring, modifying, or addressing the student’s behavior. The duties of the personal care attendant DO NOT include taking classroom notes, proctoring exams, or scribing in-class writings. It is NOT the responsibility of the college to provide services to meet the personal needs of the student, even on a temporary basis. Students must hire and secure funding for his/her own personal care attendant. In order for the student to have the same independent experience as other PCCC students, it is in the student’s best interest to have an impartial attendant who is not a family member or close friend. The College will allow personal care attendants entrance into the classroom, ONLY when the student has provided adequate documentation that demonstrates the need for a personal care attendant and continues to remain registered with the Office of Accessibility Services. An agreement must be signed each semester for each person acting in this capacity.

Responsibilities when using a personal care attendant

Responsibilities of the Student:

  1. Submit current documentation to Disability Services validating the need for a Personal Care Attendant as an accommodation.
  2. Hire and compensate the Personal Care Attendant. Passaic County Community College is not responsible to provide Personal Care Attendants.
  3. Prior to the assignment, the student will assure that each personal care attendant has registered with Disability Services.
  4. Ensure that if the Personal Care Attendant changes, Disability Services is notified. Each Personal Care Attendant must sign a Personal Care Attendant Agreement.
  5. Direct the Personal Care Attendant’s activities on campus in accordance to the Passaic County Community College policies, regulations, rules, and procedures and according to the Personal Care Attendant responsibilities listed below.
  6. Share and review a copy of your class syllabus with your personal care attendant.
  7. Develop a backup plan in the event that the Personal Care Attendant is unable to work and notify Disability Services. Prior to class, communicate with the Personal Care Attendant regarding any assistance you will need.

Responsibilities of the Attendant:

  1. Follow the specific directions given by the Disability Counselor
  2. Follow appropriate classroom behavior as defined in the course syllabus, by the instructor, and in the College’s Code of Conduct.
  3. Follow all applicable college regulations, policies, and procedures found at
  4. Allow the student to take responsibility for his/her academic progress. A personal care attendant is not part of this academic relationship. The goal is for the student to independently communicate with their instructor.
  5. Act as a quiet observer in the classroom; the learning environment should not be disrupted in any way. Disruptions are considered to be clarifying class information, making requests, or asking questions of the instructor.
  6. Duties of the Personal Care Attendant may include transportation to/from the classroom, administering medication, assistance with toileting, dressing and feeding needs, and modifying or addressing the student’s behavior.
  7. The Personal Care Attendant must communicate in a non-disruptive manner when behavior modification is necessary.
  8. Monitor the student’s medical equipment (when applicable).
  9. Maintain confidential information about the student.