Dr. Leah Brown-Johnson
Associate Vice President/
Dean of Student Affairs
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Janice Zelikoff, Staff Assistant

Academic Hall (Room A231)
Paterson Campus
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Student Complaints

Passaic County Community College is committed to providing an educational climate that is conducive to the personal and professional development of each individual. To ensure that commitment, the College has developed procedures for students to address their concerns within the College Community. A student who has an unresolved disagreement with a faculty or staff member, another student or a student group or is dissatisfied with the services they received, may initiate a complaint without prejudicing their status with the college. The objective of the student complaint process is to ensure that the concerns of students are addressed fairly and are resolved promptly. 

If after trying to informally resolve the complaint with the individual or individual’s supervisor, a student may appeal to the Office of Student Affairs using the online student complaint form(s). 

  • The Office of Student Affairs will investigate the complaint (NOTE complaints are not confidential. The individual you are citing in the complaint will be notified of the complaint and asked to provide their report).
  • The subject of the complaint has 5 business days to provide a written response to questions and/or concerns raised during the investigation. Such a response may or may not contain a resolution.
  • The Office of Student Affairs will adjudicate the matter within 10 business days of receipt of complaint and write a report detailing the findings.
  • The resolution communicated by The Office of Student Affairs can be appealed to the Sr. Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.

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