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Dr. Leah Brown-Johnson
Associate Vice President/
Dean of Student Affairs
[email protected]

Janice Zelikoff, Staff Assistant

Academic Hall (Room A231)
Paterson Campus
[email protected]

The Office of Student Affairs

This office provides support and guidance to students and helps them understand their rights and responsibilities, the Code of Conduct, and Title IX reporting and student victim assistance. To accomplish this mission, members of this division work with students, faculty, and other administrators to:

  • Focus on student learning and facilitate individual growth and development.
  • Generate a sense of community through active promotion of the institution’s core values.
  • Enhance the quality of student life by providing a broad range of services, programs and events.
  • Serve as advocates for students, removing barriers and helping them to resolve conflicts.

Student Affairs is committed to providing students with programs that address new student transitions, personal growth, leadership development, and decision-making skills.

Upcoming Events

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Chosen Name Guidelines

Passaic County Community College (PCCC) recognizes that students and employees may use names other than their legal name to identify themselves. For some students and employees, a preferred or chosen name may be an important component of their gender identity. Additionally, the choice to use a different name might reflect a preference to use a nickname, a decision to go by an anglicized name, or additional reasons based on the person’s discretion. Therefore, PCCC has established guidelines that allow students and employees to indicate their chosen first names. For more information about these guidelines and how to request a chosen name, please click here.