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Community College Opportunity Grant

The Community College Opportunity Grant (CCOG) is a financial assistance award that may cover ALL or half of your tuition. If CCOG covers half, then the PCCC Foundation will cover the rest, so everyone who qualifies can be #TuitionFree at PCCC!

The grant will cover any tuition and fees for the fall and spring semesters that are not already covered by the student’s other financial aid. There is no separate application. If you already completed the FAFSA® or the NJ Alternative Financial Aid Application for NJ Dreamers, you are automatically being considered for this state aid.


  • Have an annual Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) between $0 and $80,000
  • Live in Passaic County or currently attend PCCC under an already approved out-of-county program waiver
  • Enroll in six or more credits in the Fall and/or Spring semester
  • Complete the financial aid application (if you have not already done so)*

How do I Apply?

  • Apply to PCCC
  • Complete the FAFSA
  • Register for 6+ Credits

You will automatically be considered for a Community College Opportunity Grant award after you complete all three steps. 


Call 973-684-8006 or email [email protected]

Robby was accepted by four universities but chose to attend PCCC instead. “It just made financial sense. I didn’t want to graduate from college and be trapped by debt.”

Robby Rosa

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)?

In simple terms, your AGI is your income minus certain deductions. For a dependent student, AGI refers to the parental AGI reported on the financial aid application. For an independent student, AGI refers to the AGI reported on the financial aid application for the student, and if applicable, the student’s spouse.
Not sure if you qualify? We will help you. Please contact the PCCC Tuition-Free Hotline (973-684-8006 or [email protected]).

What Fees are paid or not paid by CCOG?

In addition to tuition, the educational fees that are paid by this grant are:

– Facility Fees
– General Fees
– Lab Fees
– Program/Course Fees
– Registration Fees
– Student Activity Fees
– Technology Fees

The fees NOT paid by this grant are:

– Books (purchased or rental)
– Change Fees
– Criminal Background Check Fees
– Curriculum Review Fees
– Equipment/Supplies/Uniforms (purchase or rental)
– Flight Fees
– Graduation/Diploma Fees
– Gym/Fitness Fees
– Insurance/Health Fees
– International Fees
– Late Fees or Fines
– Library Fees
– Licensing/Certification Fees
– Out-of-State or Out-of-County Fees
– Parking Fees
– Payment Plan Fees
– Testing/Portfolio/Audit Fees
– Transcript Fees

Are remedial courses covered under the grant?

Yes, remedial courses can be covered, so long as the student meets PCCC’s definition of part-time or full-time enrollment.

Are dual enrollment students eligible?

No, dual enrollment students are not eligible.

How will I know if I received a Community College Opportunity Grant Award?

Notification that you received a Community College Opportunity Grant award will be included in your Financial Aid confirmation letter.

Does a combination of 6 credits, or more, in both the Fall 15-week and Fall 12-week terms qualify for eligibility?


Does registration for 3 credits in Winter Session and 3 credits in Spring qualify for eligibility?

Yes, because the total is 6 credits.

Does a combination of 6 credits, or more, in both the Spring 15-week and Spring 12-week terms qualify for eligibility?