Sample questions for the ESL test

Studying at the Main Campus Park
A) Jose is a student.
B) Jose am a student.
C) Jose are a student.
A) Hello, how do you?
B) Hello, how are you?
C) Hello, how is you?

A) How the weather is?
B) How are the weather?
C) How's the weather?

A) Maria is a girl pretty.
B) Maria is a pretty girls.
C) Maria is a pretty girl.

A) What's your name?
B) What your name is?
C) What's name yours?

A) Weren't you live there?
B) Weren't you living there?
C) Weren't you lives there?

[4] Can they buy this?
A) No, they can't do.
B) No, they can.
C) No, they can't.

A)He is to Costa Rica .
B) He is at Costa Rica.
C) He is from Costa Rica.