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ESL Placement Testing

A high degree of skill in English is required to enter and succeed in the college programs at Passaic County Community College. Students entering the college must take a free proficiency test to determine the appropriate level of language competency in skill areas such as Speaking, Writing and Grammar. The results of the test will be used to determine what ELS course(s) you are required to take.

What Will Happen at the Placement Test? 

During the first part of the test you will be given thirty (30) minutes to write an essay on an assigned topic. The essay is scored based on the level of proficiency in English grammar and vocabulary, the organization of the essay and the overall expression of ideas.

Then, you will be given instructions on how to use the computer to complete a grammar test. This computerized test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. You will have (30) minutes to finish this section.

The next part of the test consists of a five or six question interview with one of our ELS proctors. This quick interview process is used to assess how well you speak and understand spoken English.

About the Placement Test

We offer a wide variety of test dates and times to fit most schedules and insist that you make every effort to keep your appointment. Not showing up for your scheduled test date takes away an opportunity from someone else. The test generally takes 2½ -3 hours to complete. PLEASE DO NOT BRING CHILDREN WITH YOU TO THE TESTING SESSION!!

The testing lab room number is printed on your test appointment flyer. The test will be in M240 which is located on the second floor in Memorial Hall. On the day of your scheduled test please bring your student ID number, a photo-ID. Student IDs are checked at the door before the test begins. The placement test is free of charge to all incoming students.

What Will Happen After the Test?

Test results will be given to you shortly after you take the test. Then you will go to the Center for Student Success (in the Enrollment and Student Service Center) and an advisor will explain what the scores mean and help you register for the appropriate ELS classes.

Sample Questions for the ESL Placement Test

 A) Jose is a student.
 B) Jose am a student.
 C) Jose are a student.
 A) Hello, how do you?
 B) Hello, how are you?
 C) Hello, how is you?

 A) How the weather is?
 B) How are the weather?
 C) How’s the weather?

 A) Maria is a girl pretty.
 B) Maria is a pretty girls.
 C) Maria is a pretty girl.

 A) What’s your name?
 B) What your name is?
 C) What’s name yours?

 A) Weren’t you live there?
 B) Weren’t you living there?
 C) Weren’t you lives there?

[4] Can they buy this?
 A) No, they can’t do.
 B) No, they can.
 C) No, they can’t.

 A)He is to Costa Rica .
 B) He is at Costa Rica.
 C) He is from Costa Rica.

Did You Know?

You can get credit for Prior Learning Experience and high school AP Courses!

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