Whether you want to teach pre-school, high school, or any level in between, we offer an affordable pathway to success.

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Want to be a Teacher? We Can Help!

We work through existing PCCC programs that have a proven record of student success. Apply Today!
Current Education students, please see our Lib Guide for useful information.

Complete your associate’s degree at PCCC and transfer to a 4-year college or university.

Pursue your bachelor’s degree to gain the knowledge and skills you need to become a teacher.

Meet state requirements for teacher education and achieve your teaching certificate.

Secure employment as a teacher and start growing your dream career. Success!

Our Extended Support System Includes:


Students have access to a Student Success Coach who helps guide them during their time at PCCC. The Success Coach may assist with registering, navigating college life and classes, exploring career options, creating a resume, and applying to four-year institutions.


Students within PCCC’s Early Childhood Education program will identify opportunities in the local community for student teaching.

Peer Mentoring

Current and former students help to mentor first- and second-year students by offering advice and academic support and by forming a partnership to help propel students forward.

Summer Bridge Programs

This yearly program includes panels with alumni, teachers, and administrators. Students also enjoy Praxis classes, tours of local colleges, college admission fairs, trips to local museums, etc.

Teacher Career Days

These events enable local teachers to interact with our students, providing them with guidance, support, and opportunities to visit classrooms. These teachers will cover the spectrum from pre-school to high school and represent people like yourself who have risen up to become educators in Passaic County.

PRAXIS Workshops

These workshops and boot camps help to prepare students for the general Praxis tests required for admittance into local education programs at four-year colleges. They are offered free of charge and include all materials.

Special Facilities

Demonstration Classroom

Our on-campus classroom will give education majors firsthand experience with teaching in a real-world environment.

Teaching and Learning Center

This facility for college faculty will aim to expand resources, introduce new pedagogical methods, increase collaboration, and attract outside presenters.

Educational Lab (E105)

Our Educational Lab offers students the opportunity to prepare for every area of the Praxis exam. To assist our students, we offer virtual access, online instruction, and one-on-one instruction. All options are available within our new state-of-the-art educational facility.

Praxis Core Test for Educators Overview

What subject areas are tested on the Praxis Core Exam?

The Praxis Core Exam consists of three parts: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.
The Reading Section:
On the Reading section, there are 56 questions to be completed in 85 minutes. This section contains short passages and even diagrams. Your reading comprehension will be tested.
The Writing Section:
On the Writing section, there are two parts. The first part will consist of 40 questions to be completed in 40 minutes. The second part has 2 essay questions to be completed in 60 minutes.
In the first part, you must correct sentences by using proper grammar and punctuation.
The Mathematics Section:
On the Math section, there are 56 questions to be completed in 85 minutes. There are four areas to be familiar with: Numbers & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics & Probability.

Why take the Praxis Core Exam?

Most colleges and universities use Praxis Core results for students who will enter into teacher education programs. A passing score is used toward your teaching licensing process.

How is the Praxis Core Exam offered?

The Praxis Core is a computerized exam. However, since the exam is in three parts, you can take them individually or all on the same day. Also, if one or more section is not passed, that section alone can be retaken.

Preparing for the Praxis Core Exam?

There are many resources available online to practice for the exam. Some are cost free while others require a fee. Also, workshops will be available on campus at PCCC and at William Paterson University.

How much will the Praxis Core cost?

You will have the option to take each part separately or all three the same day. If you decide to it individually, the cost per section will be $90. That is, $90 for Reading, $90 for Writing, and $90 for Math.

Paying for the Praxis Core online with

The prices mentioned above are the cost from website. The payment options vary. Acceptable payment can be in the form of:
Credit/debit card (MasterCard, VISA, Discover, or American Express)
Money order or U.S. Postal Service money order
Bank check drawn in the United States
eCheck drawn in the United States

Can you take the Praxis Core Exam for Free?

Yes, Praxis vouchers are available to PCCC students. Please contact our offices for more details.
You may also take the test for free if you apply for fee waivers, and your application is accepted. To be eligible for a fee waiver, you must meet these criteria:
– Be currently receiving financial aid.
– Be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program and provide a current Enrollment Verification Certificate.
– Provide a current FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) that shows an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $3,000 or less.
– Be required to take a Praxis test by an authorized score recipient.

How to Apply for the Waiver Fee?

Complete the form.
Obtain a current Enrollment Verification Certificate from your institution. Note: The Enrollment Verification Certificate must include a school sealm or a National Student Clearinghouse watermark, or the signature of the registrar.
Obtain a current FAFSA SAR.
Scan all documents.
Attach all documents to your email message.
Send your email to [email protected]
Mail the form and documents to:
ETS – Praxis
PO Box 6051
Princeton, NJ 0854-6051

What are the passing scores for the Praxis Core Exam?

Each state has their specific passing scores. In New Jersey, the passing scores are:
Reading: 156
Writing: 162
Math: 150

When are the score reports distributed?

The Writing score will be available 20 business days after taking the test. For Reading and Math, the scores will be available 21 business days after taking them. At registration, you can select up to four institutions or licensing agencies to receive your scores.

You may request additional score reports for a fee. It will cost $50 per request and the fee is nonrefundable.

How long are the Praxis Core scores valid

The scores are valid for up to ten years.

How do I request the Praxis Core Score Reports?

You may request a score report online, by phone, or by mail/fax.
Sign in to your account.
Click “Order Score Reports” and follow the online instructions to complete your order.
Pay by credit or debit card, eCheck, and Pay Pal

By Phone:
Call toll-free: 1-800-772-9476.
Pay by debit or credit card.
By Mail/Fax
Download and complete the form.
Submit the completed form with a check payable to:
ETS – Praxis
PO Box 382065
Pittsburgh, PA 15251-8065
Note: Checks sent to this address can ONLY be payable to the following:
Education Test Service
ETS- Praxis
ETS – ParaPro
Do not send forms with credit/debit card information to the address above. If you are requesting a score report by fax, you may use a debit/credit card and fax your information to 1-609-530-0581 or 1-610-290-8973.
If mailing your form with credit/debit card information, mail it to:
Educational Testing Service
PO Box 6051
Princeton, NJ 08541-6050

Ready to get started? Contact us:

Ms. Karen Ector
Project Coordinator
[email protected]

Ms. Allyson Santaniello-Tabor
Student Success Coach
[email protected]

Dr. Eura Davis
Educational Specialist
[email protected]

Pathways to Teacher Certification is a Title V grant program, funded by the U.S. Department of Education (award number P031S180112) and aimed at increasing the number of students who go into the field of teaching.