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Men of Color Success Initiative (MOCSI)

MOCSI is a program designed to support, empower, and enrich the college experience for men from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds. We provide leadership development, academic support, and community service opportunities to guide and develop the next generation of leaders. Interested? Email [email protected]

Program Benefits

Academic Support
Mentoring & Networking
Professional Development
Events & Social Activities

Our Engagement Path: Believing, Achieving, Leaving Legacies

MOCSI guides you on a transformative journey marked by three levels of engagement: Believing, Achieving, and Leaving Legacies (BALL). Each stage is designed to inspire and support you to surpass personal, academic, and career-preparation milestones.

Level 1: Believing
Begin with belief in your potential and the value of your education at Passaic. “You belong here!” is more than a statement; it’s a promise. Commit to your academic aspirations and choose a mentor to help you meet your needs in and outside the classroom, setting a solid foundation for success.

Level 2: Achieving
Action complements belief. Under your mentor’s guidance, you will seek internships and experiences that expand your horizons and align with your career goals. This stage involves merging academic success with practical experiences to enrich your professional journey and personal growth.

Level 3: Leaving Legacies
In this final phase, you move from learning to leading, crafting a legacy that impacts the college community and society. By drawing on your experiences from internships and community work, you’ll make your mark and foster a culture of mentorship and gratitude on campus. It’s about turning your vision into action, contributing to a positive change, and inspiring others to do the same.

“In high school, I just stopped trying. When I got to PCCC, I knew it was time to get serious. Being a part of MOCSI has been a great experience.”


Nehemiah Yisrael, PCCC scholar-athlete and exercise science major

MOCSI Events

Rites of Passage Ceremony: Celebrate your first milestone with us as you conclude the Believing phase in the MOCSI Mentoring Program. This event honors your commitment to growth and the foundational belief in your potential at PCCC. It’s a recognition of the journey you’ve begun, guided by mentors, towards achieving your goals and making a meaningful impact at the college and beyond.

Suited for Success: As you advance through the Achieving phase in the MOCSI Mentoring Program, we invite you to a celebration of excellence. This distinguished event recognizes students who have consistently engaged with their mentors and have secured summer internships or experiential learning opportunities related to their majors. Now recognized as MOCSI ambassadors, selected participants receive a suit to help them prepare for the professional world awaiting them.