"I am very grateful I was able to participate in such an affordable and flexible program, and I cannot imagine getting my bachelor’s any other way."
November 23, 2022

Alumna Gives an A+ to Ramapo@PCCC

Emma Brennan was a student in the first class to earn a bachelor’s degree through the Ramapo@PCCC program. Emma graduated from PCCC in 2020 with highest honors and an Associate in Arts degree in Criminal Justice. She also received the Graduate Award in Criminal Justice that year. Emma told us back then that when she heard about the Ramapo@PCCC program and how she could save money by staying on the PCCC campus for a third year and paying the PCCC tuition rate while completing the Ramapo College junior year curriculum, she considered the decision to enter the program a “no brainer.”  (Read the 2020 article)

Now a graduate of Ramapo College of NJ, Emma talked with PCCC about her experience in the Ramapo@PCCC program.  Read what she had to say in our interview. 

PCCC – Emma, when did you graduate from Ramapo, and what degree did you receive?

EB – I graduated cum laude in May 2022, earning a bachelor’s degree in Social Science with a minor in Crime and Justice Studies.

PCCC – As one of the first graduates of the Ramapo@PCCC program, how would you evaluate your overall experience? 

EB –  I am pleased with my decision to participate in the Ramapo@PCCC program. I saved money and had a great experience.

PCCC –  You were in the Ramapo@PCCC 3 + 1 program, which means you spent your junior year in Ramapo classes held on the PCCC campus, then transitioned to Ramapo’s campus in Mahwah for senior year. Was the transition smooth?  Was advisement available and helpful?

EB – The transition to the Ramapo campus was super smooth. My advisor and the staff at Ramapo were super helpful and accommodating, especially when trying to make my classes fit around my personal life or work schedule. Even when I expressed concerns about anything, I felt they had my best interests as a priority.

PCCC – We’re glad you had such a smooth and supportive experience!  What do you feel was most beneficial about earning your bachelor’s degree through Ramapo@PCCC?

EB – For starters, the Ramapo@PCCC program was very beneficial financially, as it allowed me to save a lot of money, since the third-year tuition is county college rate as opposed to a four-year institution’s tuition.  Not only that, but for my degree specifically, I found it to be super flexible, allowing me to take different electives and participate in several internships. 

PCCC – That’s fantastic!  Tell us about an elective you especially enjoyed.

EB – One of my favorite courses at Ramapo was Professor David Gurney’s new Forensic Genetic Genealogy Innocence Lab.  It was really exciting to be a part of his first-ever class.  I learned a lot in that class, and if it weren’t for the flexibility of the degree program, I’m not sure I would have been able to participate.

PCCC –  You also mentioned internships.  What was that experience like for you?

EB – Because the Ramapo@PCCC program was so flexible, I was able to participate in two internships in my senior year, which helped me to narrow down exactly what career I want to pursue.

PCCC – Previously you told us that you were interested the investigative side of a career in law enforcement. How did your internships at Ramapo College help you to define that further?

EB – My goal now is to become a detective for a prosecutor’s office, so I am working towards that.  Once I am established in a career, I plan to continue my education even further.

PCCC –  Good for you. The Ramapo@PCCC program has been a very positive experience for you. What would you tell a student who was considering the program and asked for your advice? 

Without a doubt, I would recommend Ramapo@PCCC to a student who asked about it for several reasons.  This program is one of the more affordable options for college. Not only that, but the advisors and staff are extremely helpful and worked with me to ensure I was happy and comfortable with everything.  I am very grateful I was able to participate in such an affordable and flexible program, and I cannot imagine getting my bachelor’s any other way.  I was able to take some fantastic classes and participate in amazing internships, which not only prepared me well for post-grad life, but set me apart from others due to the experiences I was able to have.

PCCC – Thank you, Emma. We are thrilled that you had a super experience in the Ramapo@PCCC program.  Congratulations on being one of the first PCCC graduates to earn a bachelor’s degree through Ramapo PCCC.
Best wishes for continued success.