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Academic Testing

Certain ONLINE COURSE tests are administered by the Testing Department on behalf of the individual Academic Departments at PCCC. Instructors will provide specifics about these tests.

Generally, a list of pre-arranged, available date and time ranges are provided to the students and the student self-registers for their proctored exam appointments using the Testing Department’s online web application. Students should contact their professor to locate the online web application. Each campus has their own set of available dates and times to schedule these exams.

Schedule your appointment here.

To log in, students will need their:

  • Student ID number
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth

Since this information is used to verify identity and find a student’s current courses, it must exactly match the information the college has on file with the Registrar.  If the student’s records are incorrect, they will have to contact the Registrar to make the necessary corrections.  If students are not officially registered in a course, they will not be able to schedule an appointment to take a test for that course.

After students have logged in, they will be able to select the campus, course, date and time for their appointment from a series of dropdown lists.  The Course selection dropdown is automatically populated and will only list those courses in which the student is currently registered.  A Submit button will appear after the student has made all the required selections.   Once the appointment has been booked, the student will be able to print a confirmation ticket as proof of registration.   In addition, the Testing Department will send out an automatic email reminder to their @students.pccc.edu account the day before they are scheduled to test.

At any time prior to the test date, the student may log in, review their existing appointments, reprint an existing appointment ticket, cancel or change an existing appointment and schedule a new appointment.

Please Note:

1) Students must have an appointment. If you miss an appointment and cannot reschedule one in the system, you must contact your professor.

2) All tests need to be scheduled to complete before the closing of the selected testing center. Any student late for their appointment risks not being to finish if the Center closes. Check the selected Testing Center’s Hours of Service.

3) Students are responsible for knowing any required Username/Passwords and bringing all authorized materials with them on the day of their test. The course professor will inform students regarding what (if any) materials are allowed (calculators, textbooks, formula sheets, etc) for the proctored exam.

4) Students are required to present current photo ID in order to test.

5) Students requiring special ODS ACCOMODATIONS must obtain and present the required ODS forms to the Testing Department 2 days prior to their anticipated test date.  Students whose accommodations provide for extra time should schedule their appointments with the Testing staff, and not use the online system

Contact Us

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Peter Hynes
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Testing Administrator
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Passaic Academic Center Main Office
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Wanaque Academic Center
To schedule a placement test,
Call: 973-248-3000

Please schedule all other testing or send inquiries by e-mail to:
Kathy Coffey, Coordinator of Learning Resources
[email protected]