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SGA Club/Organization Registration Form

In order to be recognized at PCCC, each club /organization must be approved each year by the Student Government Association and the Office of Student Activities.

Please note that there should be at least (3) three elected board members (President, Vice President and Treasurer or Secretary), who are in good academic and disciplinary standing. A full-time PCCC faculty member, or full-time administrator must serve as an Advisor; there must also be a minimum of 10 members’ listed (current PCCC students only). This form must be resubmitted if a change is made within the board membership, or the Advisor during the course of the semester or academic year.

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Club/Organization Executive Board


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Advisor Agreement

By clicking this box the Advisor/Co-Advisor of the student club/organization named above agrees to serve for the terms and years selected. The Advisor/Co-Advisor have read the responsibilities outlined in the Student Clubs & Organizations Handbook. If for any reason the Advisor/Co-Advisor decides to resign, They will notify the President of the organization and the Office of Student Activities as soon as possible.
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