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Radiologic Technologist Board of Examiners of New Jersey Licensure Statute

Applicants to the Radiologic Technology programs in the state of New Jersey need to be aware of the following Radiologic Technologist Licensure statute:

26:2D-29. Applicants for license; fee; qualifications; programs of Diagnostic or Radiation Therapy.

a) The Board shall admit to examination for licensing any applicant who shall pay to the department a non-refundable fee established by rule of the commission and submit satisfactory evidence, verified by oath or affirmation that the applicant:

  1. At the time of application is at least 18 years of age;
  2. Is of good moral character;
  3. Has successfully completed a four-year course of study in a secondary school (high school) approved by the State Board of Education, or passed an approved equivalency test (GED).

The application for a license to practice Radiologic Technology also contains the following questions:

1. Have you ever been convicted of any offense of any federal or state law, other than motor vehicle traffic violation(s)?

  • If “Yes” give date(s) of conviction and type(s) of offense:
  • If “Yes” has the court sentence(s) been completed?

Please submit documentation along with application.