The PCCC Women’s Basketball team clinched the Garden State Athletic Conference Championship (GSAC) with a 15-1 record.
February 20, 2020

PCCC Women’s Basketball Claims GSAC Title 2019-2020

The PCCC Women’s Basketball team clinched the Garden State Athletic Conference Championship (GSAC) with a 15-1 record against conference opponents during the 2019 – 2020 regular season.

“The Lady Panthers completed regular season play with a 65-60 road victory against conference rival RCSJ – Gloucester (Rowan College) on Thursday, February 13,” reported Athletic Director Wayne Martin.

Up next for the Lady Panthers is the Region XIX Tournament set to begin on Saturday, February 22.

With the tournament ahead of them, the Women’s Basketball head coach, Teya Eaton, who was voted GSAC Coach of the Year last spring, looks ahead confidently, enumerating the team’s assets that brought them to the Conference title.

“The 2019-2020 Women’s Basketball Team is very talented and versatile and have the ability to play various positions,” she said, adding, “The Lady Panthers have more than six players who can dominate the game.”

Freshman guard Sabrina DeFreese leads the Panthers in scoring with a 21.3 pg.
Janieris “Flaka” Rodriquez is second in scoring with 14 ppg.

Jada Camacho and Lyliana Daly “also have the complete package,” said Coach Eaton, with scores of 13.8 and 12.6 pg.

The coach described Linda Brea de Pena as “a true floor general,” calling her one of the team’s dominant point guards and very skilled at the position.”

Ayonna Pineda, a former Eastside Ghost in Paterson, is “adding value in the post position and has a solid understanding of the game,” according to Coach Eaton, who called her “one of the most knowledgeable players on the team.”

Ron’Quay Gray and Betsaida “Bets” Gutierrez are two quick and defensive sound guards whom the coach called game changers. “Quay and Bets bring energy and excitement to the game.”

Every team needs a go-to player. For the Lady Panthers, that’s Cyan Peterson.
“Cy is always willing to do whatever is necessary to be successful,” said the coach.

“Overall, the 2019-2020 Women’s Basketball Team has all the weapons and the tools necessary to become Regional and National Champions,” said Coach Eaton. “The true battle lies within each lady on this team,” she add, “and their determination and will not only to win but also to discover the essential quality that makes them great.”

Congratulations to our Lady Panthers. Cheer them on to Tournament victory.

Photo by Coach D’Andrea Watson