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Admissions Requirements

LPN Mobility Program

An applicant for admission to the Nurse Education LPN Mobility Program must be a high school graduate or have a high school equivalency diploma (GED), and hold a New Jersey state license to practice as an LPN. These admission requirements are minimum standards. Each applicant must:

  • Meet the general admission criteria for students admitted to Passaic County Community College 
  • Achieve satisfactory scores on the College Placement Test for placement in college-level math and English courses or have completed required developmental courses; with a grade of “C” or higher.
  • Complete the following college-level courses with grades of “C” or higher prior to admission
CH – 103 Introduction to Inorganic and Organic Chemistry4
BS – 103 Anatomy and Physiology4
PS – 101 Introduction to Psychology3
EN – 101 Composition I3
  • Achieve a minimum score of 70 on the National League for Nursing NACE I examination. (May be taken only once every 6 months). The results of this examination are valid for three years.
  • Submit evidence of a valid New Jersey practical nurse license (LPN).
  • Submit a transcript from the School of Practical Nursing with grades of “B” or higher.
  • Submit a dated letter of recommendation from your current employer or from the director of the practical nurse program from which you graduated. 

LPN Mobility Exam

Applicants to the LPN Mobility Option program must take the Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exam (NACE). This test evaluates prior learning and understanding of Practical Nursing skills for correct placement level in the mobility program.

The new NACE Exam is the “Foundations of Nursing” 1.25. The application period is open until 2/15/24. You must register for the exam at (on NLN site, go to Menu, and click on Assessment Services).

Test Dates/DaysPeriod of Registration for the Exam
Friday, 2/2/241/25/24 – 1/31/24
Friday, 2/9/241/25/24 – 2/7/24
Saturday, 2/10/241/25/24 – 2/7/24

The exams will take place at Passaic County Community College at One College Blvd. Paterson, NJ 07505, in the TESTING CENTER. Please bring a state issued picture identification with you to the exam.

90 – 9910 points
80 – 898 points
75 – 796 points
70 – 744 points

NOTE: Applicants who have withdrawals (W), D’s, and F’s in the required General Education and Nursing courses will lose one (1) point for each occurrence within the last 5 years.

Sciences will be accepted within five (5) years from the date of course completion to the start of the first Nursing course.

GPA and number of college credits

3.5 – 4.027 – 3412
19 – 268
12 – 184
3.1 – 3.427 – 3411
19 – 267
12 -183
2.5 – 3.027 – 3410
19 – 266
12 -182
2.0 – 2.427 – 349
19 – 265
12 – 181