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Important Dates


Waiver Day: 09/05/23
Tuition Due: 08/03/23**
Last Day 100% Refund: 09/19/23
Last Day 50% Refund: 10/03/23
** For registrations before 8/1/23.


Waiver Day: 09/21/23
Tuition Due: 08/03/23**
Last Day 100% Refund: 09/28/23
Last Day 50% Refund: 10/04/23
** For registrations before 8/1/23.


Waiver Day: 09/26/23
Tuition Due: 08/24/23**
Last Day 100% Refund: 10/06/23
Last Day 50% Refund: 10/18/23
** For registrations before 8/22/23.


Waiver Day: 11/02/23
Tuition Due: 10/05/23**
Last Day 100% Refund: 11/09/23
Last Day 50% Refund: 11/15/23
** For registrations before 10/3/23.


Waiver Day: 12/21/23
Tuition Due: 12/04/23**
Last Day 100% Refund: 12/24/23
** For registrations before 12/1/23, later registrations should be paid immediately.


Waiver Day: 01/16/24
Tuition Due: 01/10/24**
Last Day 100% Refund: 01/30/24
Last Day 50% Refund: 02/13/24
** For registrations before 01/05/24. The payment plan will open in December.


Waiver Day: 01/30/24
Tuition Due: 01/10/24**
Last Day 100% Refund: 02/05/24
Last Day 50% Refund: 02/09/24
** For registrations before 01/05/24. The payment plan will open in December.


Waiver Day: 02/06/24
Tuition Due: 01/24/24**
Last Day 100% Refund: 02/16/24
Last Day 50% Refund: 02/28/24
** For registrations before 01/21/24. The payment plan will open in December.


Waiver Day: 03/26/24
Tuition Due: 03/06/24**
Last Day 100% Refund: 04/01/24
Last Day 50% Refund: 04/05/24
** For registrations before 03/03/24. The payment plan will open in December.

Policies & Procedures

Payment Procedures – Students are responsible for all tuition and fees charged after confirmed registration. Read more

Waiver Procedures – This section explains the college’s waiver procedures for different student types or cases. Read more

Refund Policy – PCCC Refund policy. Read more

ChargeBack – Forms – If you reside outside of Passaic County, and are registered in a curriculum at Passaic County Community College which your county college does not offer, please follow these directions. Read more

Military Tuition Assistance ReturnsRead more

Student Financial Agreement (SFA) – In an effort to assist students with understanding PCCC’s registration and payment policies, students must review and accept the Student Financial Agreement (SFA) once a year. Read more.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition 2023-24 (Subject to Change)Price
In-County Residents/Per Credit:$183.00
Out-of-County Residents/Per Credit:$250.00
Out-of-State Residents/ Per Credit:$320.00
Veteran Status$183.00
Student Activity*$3.00
* Fees Charged per Credit to All Students

Board approved tuition and fees PDF.

Contact Information

Bursar’s Office Location
Main Campus/Paterson
Enrollment Services Building
Mezzanine Level
225 Market Street

Official Mailing Address
Passaic County Community College
One College Boulevard
Paterson, NJ 07505-1179
Att. Bursar

Email Address
[email protected]
Office Phone Number

Office Hours
Mon – Fri* 
8:30am to 4:30pm

*Closed Fridays in the summer

Our Staff

Danielle Nepola-DeFelice
Phone: 973-684-6692
E-mail: [email protected]

Henry Cabrera
Phone: 973-684-5203
E-mail: [email protected]

Manal Jabr
Student Accounts
Phone: 973-684-5216
E-mail: [email protected]

Bonnie Beehler
Technical Assistant
Phone: 973-684-5204
E-mail: [email protected]

Karen Stefano
Technical Assistant
Phone: 973-684-5202
E-mail: [email protected]

Christopher Santos
Office Assistant
Phone: 973-684-4684
E-mail: [email protected]

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