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Visiting Students

Being a Visiting Student at PCCC is a great way to earn college credit that is transferable and affordable. Some of our visiting students take classes at PCCC that transfer back to their home college to save money. Other students take a class or two for professional development or just for fun. Either way, PCCC welcomes visiting and non-degree-seeking students.

1. Complete the online application

2. Review available classes

3. Activate MY PCCC (student portal) and email

You will receive a MyPCCC activation email after your application has been processed.

4. Complete Visiting Student Registration Request Form 

Log into MyPCCC and complete the PCCC Visiting Student Registration Request Form located in the Student Forms section under Student Tools.

You can afford PCCC

Explore how PCCC can help you pay for college with grants, scholarships, payment plans, and more.

Did You Know?

You can get credit for Prior Learning Experience and high school AP Courses!

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