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Jhondy Cepeda, Highlight on PERSEVERANCE.


                Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up 

 - Thomas Edison.


                Jhondy is an example of a young man who refused to give up.  Receiving a low score in the College Placement Test on his first attempt was not something that would deter him from his goals.  He sought out options and enrolled in an AccuPlacer Preparation Workshop offered by the STEM Program in Passaic County Community College.  After re-taking the test, he managed to place at college math level.  This allowed Jhondy Jhondy in flight simulatorto take advantage of STEM’s Dual Enrollment Program and earn college credits while still attending high school.

His success is not complete, yet; however he continues to stride by learning important lessons along the way to reach his ultimate goal, which is to be a commercial pilot.  His first college course proved to be a challenge; however, it became an opportunity for him to pick himself up and push forward.  Jhondy heeded the advice of STEM’s Director Prof. Gonzalo Perez, took advantage of the help offered by the STEM Tutors, spent his free time in the STEM lab solving Algebra problems, and conquered College Algebra by scoring an A for his final grade.  All along capturing the attention and hearts of Mrs. Anjali Thanawala, STEM Pre-College Coordinator, and of Prof. Dennis Reer, STEM Student Development Specialist, who keep assisting and motivating Jhondy towards his goal, to become a commercial pilot.




 Certificate presentation

Jhondy receiving STEM Student of the Year certificate from Prof. Reer, Prof. Perez, and Mrs. Thanawala, on Eastside’s Award Ceremony. June 12, 2014