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PCCC STEM students featured in 

ABC's Tiempo, June 4, 2017



2017 16th NJRC Flyer

For the 16th Annual NJRC

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NCAS Flyer


A STEM vid:

STEM Scholar Academy Video

STEMtimonial Videos 

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Take a quick look at some of STEM's Activities in this brochure,

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STEM's Activity Brochure

The Second Edition of

STEM's Voices from the Field is out. 
A newsletter full of information and event news.
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Contact Us - STEM

Passaic County Community College
Paterson Campus

One College Boulevard, Room A312-A,

Paterson, New Jersey 07505

 Dennis Reer, STEM Director

David Burger, STEM Project Director  Anjali Thanawala contact information

Russell Gambino, STEM Student Development


David Hernandez, STEM Associate 



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