Have a Head for Business



Have a Head for Business?

Do you have a knack for the business side of things?  You can apply that talent to a wide range of fields and pursue a career doing business in an industry you enjoy. 

PCCC offers degree and certificate programs that can prepare you to create a business and marketing plan as well as understand and analyze financial reports , competition, and  outcomes in fields as diverse as sports,  fashion, healthcare, and hospitality.



Sports Management

Want a career in sports administration? Plan to open a fitness facility or become a personal trainer?  PCCC’s  Sports Management programs provide the business skills as well as health and fitness knowledge you need to succeed in this fast-growing field.

Fashion Marketing

Do you enjoy retail stores, trend forecasts, and merchandise analysis?  If you like the business side of shopping and style ,
this program will  teach you the skills you need for a career in the  fast-paced, lucrative world of fashion marketing.

Hospitality Management

Do you often think about how you would  make a hotel or restaurant more successful, appealing, or efficient?  Then, this degree program is for you. 

Gain business knowledge while learning the specifics of food services, hotel operation, and the psychology of customer satisfaction.   Internships with leading area hotels are available.

Health Information Technology (HIT)

Interested in the business side of healthcare?  Have a knack for technology?  These programs will prepare you for a career in electronic health records, one of today’s fastest-growing fields with strong job prospects in hospitals, doctors offices, and other healthcare facilities.

Instructor talking to students in the Lab