FINANCIAL AID          State Programs

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  • Tuition Aid Grant (TAG)
    • The Tuition Aid Grant provides financial assistance to full-time college students who have been residents of New Jersey for 12 consecutive months prior to enrollment.
    • Returning students must file by June 1.
    • There is a part time pilot program in New Jersey for community college students.
    • This allows for a pro-rated award 6-8 credits or 9-11 credits.
    • Remember, State funds are awarded on current credit load at the time of authorization.
  • Educational Opportunity Fund Program (EOF).
    • The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF), instituted and sponsored by the state of New Jersey, is an academic support program designed to provide equal opportunity for students who show potential but who need additional support services and financial aid.
    • Students are selected based on documented  financial need and potential for success.
    • Students who are accepted into the EOF Program must attend full-time, be pursuing a degree, and be residents of the state of New Jersey.
    • To be considered for funds, returning students must file by June 1. for at least one year, meet all program requirements, and be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.
  • Garden State Scholars Program
    Based on academic achievement, this program provides assistance to full-time students.
    Applicants must be residents of New Jersey for 12 consecutive months prior to application.
  • NJ Stars
    Starting with the Class of 2004, New Jersey high school students who graduate in the top 15% of their class will be eligible to receive free tuition at  Passaic County Community College