Mothers and Daughters Graduate Together

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Mothers and Daughters Graduate Together

Candice Bissett with her mom Patricia Gioe
Juliet Cupid-Fahie (center) with daughters
Kadisha (left) and Katonya.

On May 23, two mothers  donned their caps and gowns and joined their daughters as graduates of the PCCC Class of 2013.

“I’m really excited,” said Patricia Gioe of Bloomfield who earned her Associate in Science (A.S.)degree in Exercise Science. “I actually went back to school to set an example for my grandchildren,” said  Patricia, who already works in a health-related job. “I got it through the PCCC Career Fair,” she said. 
Her daughter, Candice Bissett,  remarked, “It was pretty cool,” to attend college with her mom.

The mother of a 3-year-old, Candice earned her A.S.  degree in Business Administration/Accounting.

Juliet Cupid-Fahie said “It’s such a good feeling,” to be graduating with her two daughters, Katonya  Maduro and Kadisha Maduro, all of Elmwood Park. 

Juliet, who earned an A.S. degree in Human Services said she had been in the same class with each of her daughters at various times, but the three of them were never in a class all together.

Katonya  described going to college with her mom as “weird and funny,”  while Kadisha said, “We all studied together sometimes.”

Katonya earned her A.S. degree in Business Administration/Accounting while Kadisha received her Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree in Liberal Arts/Humanities.