Real World Experience: Internships @ PCCC

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Business Administration
and Accounting
A.S. Degree in
Business Administration/
Hospitality Management Option
Internships with
Marriot or Hilton hotels
A.A.S. Degree in AccountingInternships with local
accounting firms
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certificate programs
Computer & Information
Internships available in:
Information Technology
Graphic Design
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Real World Experience: Internships @ PCCC: 

Business and Technology

“The need for internships was something I saw personally one day,” said Professor Eric Cameron of the Computer Information Sciences Department, recalling the time he saw a PCCC grad working as a convenience store cashier two years after graduating.

“He said that job was the best he could find…and he was saving money to transfer to a four-year school… He was a solid student (3.6 GPA). I knew this was not an issue of ability, but an issue of not knowing how to get into the work force.”

Professor Marshall Saunders, a Business Administration professor who also coordinates the department’s new accounting internship program said, “Internships give students the opportunity to:

  • Gain on-the-job experience that can be crucial in future job hunting
  • Discover whether they actually like their chosen career field
  • Get a foot in the door of a potential employer
  • Start developing a network of contacts

Internships Really Work!
Here are some of Business and Technology’s
Internship Success Stories 

David Seda -  Class of 2014
A.A.S. Degree in Information Technology
Web Technology Option

Current Position:
Information Technology Field and Data Specialist.
Greater Bergen Community Action
Immediately after his graduation last spring David was hired by the company where he had completed his internship. After only three months on the job, he was promoted.
(Read more about David)


Richard Bachmann – Class of 2013
A.A. S. Degree in Information Technology
Network Administration Option

Current Position:
IT Network Infrastructure Services - Intron
Consulting for L’Oreal USA

A former executive with the Boy Scouts of America, Rich credits his successful career change to the education and internship experience he received at PCCC. 
(Read more about Rich’s career change)

Karen Radziewicz, Class of 2014
A.S. Degree in Business Administration
Hospitality Management Option

Current Position:
Supervisor: Housekeeping Department
Marriott at Newark Liberty Airport

Educational Update:
Bachelor’s degree candidate at
Montclair State University

Karen was featured in a January 2013 article about the successful internship that led to a growing career with Marriott.  (Read it here)

Here’s an update on her progress:

“I love my job,” says Karen who was promoted to a supervisory position last August, just a year after she completed the internship required for her degree program at PCCC. 

Impressed by Karen’s internship performance, Marriott had offered her a position in September 2013, four months before she graduated from PCCC.

Today, she supervises a staff of 60. “I work well with all of them,” says Karen, whose friendly personality was considered “a natural fit” for the hospitality field by John Magnifico, general manager of the Newark Marriott. (Pictured above with Karen)

With an eye on advancement,  Karen is still on track to enter Marriott’s management training program,  an opportunity she decided to  postpone until she completes her studies toward the bachelor’s degree at Montclair State University where she is currently enrolled.