Culinary Arts


Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts Program at PCCC is designed to provide students with the essential skills and knowledge for a career as a professional Chef, Baker, or Pastry Chef.  

The AAS degree program provides students with a well-rounded general education as well as courses concentrated on their major area of study. Required General Education classes include English Composition, Computer Science, Business, Sociology, Public Speaking, and a Foreign Language.

Classes in the major area of study focus on cooking and baking techniques, hot and cold food preparation, knives and their use, proper terminology, food safety and sanitation, and nutrition.
Students will also learn the organizational skills needed to develop speed, timing, and coordination when preparing food.

In addition, classes cover the business aspects of the food industry, such as food costs and kitchen management, as well as ethics, business marketing, and resume building.

Students in the degree program will also explore cultural and social issues involving food, such as cuisines of diverse cultures, the impact of food and eating on communities, and the role of food and cooking in popular films.

Certificate students will bake a variety of cakes and frostings and will learn advanced pastry techniques and chocolate work.

A required internship will enable students to gain industry experience at a retail establishment where they will practice their skills.


Culinary classes will be held at the newly expanded Wanaque Academic Center  featuring two professional kitchens and state-of-the-art facilities.

Culinary Career Outlook

  • The food industry is one of the fastest growing and most diverse career fields with job opportunities at all levels of experience. 
  • Well-trained individuals are in demand to fill positions in restaurants, hotels, corporate dining rooms, catering services, and much more.
  • Statistics show that Americans are eating out more than ever and often rely on well-prepared take-out meals even at home.
  • Careers the food industry are portable, unlike some jobs which require special licensing from one state to another.

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