Guided Pathways Working Groups

Guided Pathways Working Groups 

Interest to Application

Application to Completion
of COL 103



Greg Fallon*
Teya Eaton*
Betsy Marinace
Gaby Rinkerman
Clarence Wright
Michelle Softley
Patty Medeiros
Wayne Martin
Margo Murray
Linda Carter
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Janet Albrecht
Patrice Carter
Ken Karol
Suzie Hickey


Tom Moore*
Bob Salvato*
Peter Hynes
Marva Cole-Friday
Mike Powell
Harry Damato
Lisa Jones
Lorren Whitaker
Stephanie Decker
Kelly Bender
Maria Marte
Jonathan Reyes
Doreen Pierce
Mechelle Du’Monde



Curriculum Pathways:
Janet Delaney*
Mike Walker*
Parsha Hobson
Kathy Kelly
Tom Cox
Eric Cameron
Dennis Reer
Ed Mosley
Donna Stankiewicz
Martin Baranowski
Nina Alsbrook-Jackson
Liz Harrison
Tom Moore
Merille Siegel
Aylin Brandon
Justin Hull
Sharon Goldstein
Technology Support:
James Wallace*
Ruth Gonzalez
Ardra Spector
Mechelle Du’Monde
Andrew Maceczek
Lorraine Smith
Enrique Noguera



Special Populations:
Bill Morrison*
Todd Sorber
Nina Alsbrook-Jackson
Ken Pierce
Enrique Noguera
Maria Marte
Steven Bryant
Stephanie Velasquez
Lonna Murphy
Joyce Addo
Jonathan Reyes

Academic Standing:
Palma Benko*
Darleen McGrath-Florance*
Candi Rodriguez
David Burger
Wanda Najee-Ullah
Maricela Shrager
Therese Slusser


Transition will be integrated
into connection, entry and
progression. It will be looked
at more closely during Phase


Resource people: Betsy Marinace, Tom Moore, Darleen McGrath- Florance, Ruth Gonzalez, Aylin Brandon, Justin Hull, Maria Marte, Steven Hardy, Sharon Goldstein.