Core Group

Achieving the Dream
Core Group

The Core Groups consists of faculty, counselors and administrators that represent all areas of the College. The Core Group was responsible for generating and studying data that ultimately resulted in the formation of the five AtD Initiatives at PCCC. The Core Group continues to meet on a regular basis to oversee the implementation and evaluation of the initiatives.

AtD Core Group Members

Nina-Louise Alsbrook-Jackson
Palma Benko
Kathy Coffey
Stephanie Decker
Alexandra Della Fera
Greg Fallon
Sharon Goldstein
Justin Hull
Kathy Kelly
Jackie Kineavy
Betsy Marinace
Darleen McGrath-Florance
Patty Medeiros
Bill Morrison
Lonna Murphy
Dawn Norman
Jonathan Reyes
Candi Rodriguez
Steve Rose
Nancy Silvestro
Michelle Softley
Donna Stankiewicz
Bassel Stassis
Anita Ulesky