Achieving the Dream was founded upon three pillars that continue to fortify us at every turn.
These pillars lend strength, discipline, and focus to the work we do in this extraordinary complex sector: Achieving the Dream’s work is characterized by:

1. Student-Centered Vision: Helping all students – particularly low-income students and students of color - achieve their educational and career goals is of paramount importance.
When we are engaging students directly, listening to them, and tailoring our response to their needs, we are attuned to the “true north” of the Achieving the Dream internal compass.

2. Equity and Excellence: Achieving the Dream is dedicated to excellent education for all students. When an achievement gap exists between one subset of students and another, this represents an opportunity to make changes that bring about a more equitable educational environment.

3. Culture of Inquiry, Evidence, and Accountability: A hallmark of Achieving the Dream is our commitment to evidence-based decision-making. The Achieving the Dream
Network uses quantitative and qualitative data to stimulate reflection and discussion, and inform decisions in the quest for better student outcomes.