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PCCC Grad Appears in Feature Films and Hit TV Programs

PCCC Grad Appears in Feature Films and Hit TV Programs

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Alumni Spotlight
Samantha Jaikaran
Class of 2009

PCCC Grad Appears in Feature Films and Hit TV Programs

Posted December 16, 2013




Delivery Man  - Samantha (second from right)
appears as one of Vince Vaughn’s many children
in the feature film, now playing nationwide.

Samantha Jaikaran received a special delivery this holiday season. The PCCC alumna and aspiring actor saw herself on the big screen at the New York premiere last month of the hit feature film, Delivery Man, starring Vince Vaughn.

“It’s the most exciting job I’ve had recently,” said Samantha, who has been pursuing an acting career for the past two years.  Her cameo role in Delivery Man (she appears in the family photo and campsite scenes) is the latest entry in a resume that includes appearances in television’s The Good Wife, Elementary, and White Collar and in the soon-to-be released movie John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves.



“So far, it’s been a phenomenal journey,” said Samantha. “If it hadn’t been for PCCC, I don’t think things would have happened this way.”


Gossip Girl—Samantha (right),
appears in the final episode of the
popular CW show

A 2009 graduate of PCCC, Samantha was president of the honor society and earned her associate’s degree in communication. She became involved in the theater program by chance when her mom, a PCCC student at the same time, signed Samantha up for an audition.





The play was Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, and Samantha landed the lead. “I was stunned,” she said. The following spring, she won another major role in PCCC’s production of Chekov’s Three Sisters.  The acting bug had bitten, but not hard enough yet.

On the Set - Samantha with Jon Cryer (Two and Half Men) on the set of a new movie.
She calls him a “hilarious man.” 

At Rider University, Samantha auditioned for only one play…and got the lead. But she chose to earn her B.A. degree in communication. “Acting was always a voice in my head, but I enjoy communication, too, and thought a more practical degree could help me get a job faster.”



After graduation in 2011, Samantha was working with an event planner in New York when she had chance encounter with a young actor at a Starbucks. “He approached me and told me I should be an actress,” said Samantha.

The pair hit it off. “After that, Michael opened so many doors for me,” said Samantha who regards him as a friend and mentor. “He taught me about the business and introduced me to casting directors.”
Samantha now works regularly as a paid extra in film and TV and also accepts jobs in music videos and modeling.


White Collar- Playing a “ring girl” at a boxing match with the stars of the  tv show, Matt Bomer and (Pictured here) Tim DeKay.

To supplement her acting income, she works part-time in marketing for Pepsi. “The job fell into my lap,” she said, “so, I’m putting my communication degrees to good use.”


Fully committed to pursuing an acting career, Samantha is now auditioning for principal roles.



“Acting is not as glamorous as people think,” she said. “It’s very hard work and there’s a lot of competition, but I am hungry for this.”



Samantha lives with her parents and younger sister and brother in Passaic and is very grateful for their support, calling them “my cheerleaders.”



She also credits PCCC professor R.G. Rader with “taking a risk” on a novice and casting her in lead roles. “He was a constant mentor throughout the plays in guiding me to grasp these characters and bring them to life.”




A Summer Day at a Café - This promo photo was taken by photographer David Costantini “a remarkably talented guy  who gets "The Shot" every time,” says Samantha.
Wisin y Yandel—Working on a music video with the popular duo.

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